What do we do? Quite a smorgasbord of things actually. While most companies are geared toward a specific service, backed by staffs selected and trained for the service, we work things differently here. We do the opposite. We first have a team of dedicated individuals, each with their own set of passion and expertise, and we come up with a blend of services from this combination.

Let's put it this way: Here, at Tech Builders, we go for the brains first. Then the brains get together and find a challenge area where we could provide unique solution for. We do have our focus though: technology. And we call ourselves "tech builders" for a good reason: we like building and making things out of technology. So far we have got the brains for the following technology areas:

  • Computer network system
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Small scale robotics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digital graphic design
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • Web design and development
  • Technology education

We call the things we could do with each or combined technology areas as "buildables". We are always exploring buildables. But for now here are some of our buildables:

  • Office computer network system setup
  • Security camera network system setup
  • Custom interactive merchandising displays
  • Educational robotic toys
  • Company logo, business card, letterhead
  • Websites
  • Multimedia content
  • Web-based applications

If you think you could use any of the expertise or buildables listed above, do contact us. If however, you are absolutely clueless about the technology areas listed above, or the buildables, but have an immutable feeling that a particular challenge you have been mulling about can be solved with technology, contact us too, we might just discover a new buildable!

To find out more about the projects (past, present, and future) we are into, do contact us. Some of our projects involve building fun objects, things which we call "tinkers". You can grab these at our Tinkers page.